Taking a Wholesome approach to life

We are dedicated to … Creating experiences that naturally revitalise and reset!  Connecting you with experiences that support personal clarity, growth, awareness and quality time-out to reflect and inspire through wellness retreats and programs. Committed to providing you with quality and personally empowering experiences. Collectively we take a wholesome approach of life – looking at the interconnection between mental, physical, emotional wellbeing, your spiritual self and your life’s calling.

Our vision is to simply take time out for you, to create spaces to retreat to and nourish your mind, body and spirit to return to yourself. Each experience shares lifestyle awareness and new knowledge to empower positive change, expand outlooks on life and an enriched experience..


Only the Best

Our Team and Hosts

Our programs and retreats come together with a collective team who specialise in niche areas of wellness and tourism with passion, knowledge, dedication, care and trust to support bringing together quality experiences. 

We work alongside destination-based businesses to bring together the best of the region, quality experiences, hospitality, comfort and wellness.

Through our extensive experience and research over the years we are able to bring together our team and a variety of themes and focus. We are focused on hearing what your needs are and then will customise the experience that best suits you


Meet Your Private Retreat Planner


So pleased to meet you and thank you for finding us. We have had many stories how people have found us and our approach is if you are meant to find us you will!  

One of my favourites with a previous retreat guest waking up at 2am and a little voice in her said google now, and she found us hosting our Spain Camino Trek and we were based in the same city (this meant social catch up and training before we go as well). This sparked her for change in her life, she has since conquered Mt Everest and spent time travelling solo overseas.

Times have changed for us also we have spent 6 years creating Retreats to many destinations, to understand the perfect retreat experience to now host just a handful in collaborations. Our focus now is to support private groups with tailored program and offer select programs for the retreat seeker.

Our passion is still wellness and transformational travel; so we will have something on offer for the individual retreat seeker from our signature experiences to collaborations with other like-hearted retreat leaders and referrals to other Australian and worldwide programs.

We are based in Byron Bay, a divine wellness destination to live in, experience and where we are mindful about embodying the retreat life as a way of life. This has moved our focus from living a ‘Wholesome Life’ to a living a ‘Retreat Life.’ 

This is why we love what we do and inspire others to make this a way of life. Anything is possible, keep an open heart and believing in yourself. Sometimes we need to borrow someone who believes in us for a moment in time for us to find our own courage to create the life of our dreams.

We invite you to join us in this journey. Stay connected via our communications channels and send me an email if you are ready to Retreat.


Your Private Retreat Planner, Retreat Life


Kaylie has many years experience developing, hosting and managing wellness retreats and private wellness programs throughout Australia and the world. Since 2012, Kaylie has been leading Wholesome Life and building strong networks, collaborations and understanding of the holistic health and wellness travel industry sector. She has helped support hundreds of individuals, organisations and corporate groups on their journey to wellness and self-realisation, through the development, planning and management of wellness programs and nature-based retreats.

Kaylie has been humbled by her life experiences so far, and through her own commitment to personal discovery has led her to share many experiences with amazing, inspirational teachers, facilitators, practitioners, healers, tour guides, friendships who too live with similar values and passions. Some of these leaders and specialists in wellness, will also be part of Hosting our retreats, programs and experiences to make up a forever evolving Wholesome Lifes collective team.

By contrast, understanding of a corporate lifestyle, stress management, burn out, work-life balance challenges prompted Kaylie to take responsibility for her lifestyle choices and wellness path. From her own experiences, Kaylie has a natural desire to assist women in their own empowerment to be accountable for their lifestyle choices, healthy boundaries in their everyday relations and living with integrity by their values. Having experienced burn-out and emotional fatigue makes her value and appreciate we are deserve times to reflect and reset our ways.

Kaylie has explored conscious studies, yoga as a regular practise and natural therapies more closely, to support and learn more about health and wellbeing. Kaylie is also a qualified in massage specialising in womens wellbeing and healing.

With 20 years background in hospitality and tourism industries, event management and corporate communications, and not-for profit industries,  she comes experienced and prepared to put together quality wellness travel and programs. Kaylie is personally passionate about supporting local, small business in regional areas and tourism destinations.

Now a mother, she too understands the self-care journey even deeper. Kaylie is passionate about living every day like a Retreat, embodying this as a natural way of life, feeling and thinking, making sure she treats herself as she would her guests and invites all who too would like to experience and  live the Retreat Life.

our portfolio

A Taste of our Previous Experiences


The Experience

Founded in 2012 as Wholesome Life, we have been dedicated to creating the perfect guest experience. In 2019 the Wholesome Life brand evolved to focus on one mission: to guide our guests to live, breathe and embody the retreat life into their everyday. We call it, Retreat Life.

To us this means treating ourselves as a whole, nourishing all aspects of our life and wellbeing from personal to professional lives to all the roles we play in life. If we are grounded in who we are the rest of our life will flow with better understanding, awareness, and engagement. Take time out to how the whole picture looks, thats why we offer lifestyle workshops into our programs, relating to real life matters and supporting personal growth. You matter!

Everything is connected. Mental. Emotional. Physical. Health. Spiritual. Financial. Relationships. 

This was the first health retreat I’d ever done and it really did exceed my expectations. It was the perfect balance of yoga, treatments, nourishing food, community interaction and timeout. The private resort was beautiful and I loved the daily yoga, meditation and workshops. Our retreat hosts and facilitators were amazing. Their passion, organisation, attentiveness and talents combined, really enhanced the experience for me. I left the trip with valuable insights and feeling refreshed. I highly recommend these retreats to anyone needing some time out, looking to try something different or wanting some healthy living inspiration!


Retreat Guest Review

Thank you for this amazing experience in a beautiful setting. Perfect guides, a well thought out schedule, indulgent accommodation and an intimate gathering of very special souls coming together to reflect, give thanks to our lives, and learning to improve our bodies so they can carry us into our inspired futures!! We all had FUN, learnt new things and connected. We are eternally grateful! Book me in for the next exciting adventure… 


Retreat Guest and Private Client for Spain Camino Group Retreat Trek

Our clients and staff wellness day was extremely well organised. It was run at the right place, lovely energy from the facilitators. Always great for staff in this type of industry to keep on top of their self-care and learn new skills. Would love to have a staff retreat.


Not-for-Profit Client, Retreat Staff Day

The way the whole of me was nourished, the food, the energy, the workshops, the activities, the ability to take a moment to breathe. What was really importance was that you didn’t push us to tell our stories. You respected our lives and let us choose to speak or not. Thank you.


Private Retreat Guest, organised for Client

I liked everything about the day and felt better for having attended. I liked the idea of a self care plan to follow. I can see that is important to do for myself.


Retreat Day Guest, Mindfulness / Self Care focus

I loved being with like-minded people in similar situations. Being able to connect in a relaxed, non-judgemental environment. I felt supported, nurtured, at ease, peace and relaxed. I am inspired to nature myself physically with diet and excerise but also mentally and emotionally as well.


Private Retreat Guest, organised for Client

PRIVACY // We honour you and your details will be kept safe, private and confidential for contact from us only. Communications are either monthly/seasonal our focus on quality not quantity. Make sure you add us to your email contacts to avoid missing out on details from us. ♥