Bedtime Bliss Box


A beautiful box to support and soothe your craving for a restful night’s sleep, naturally. A way to support yourself for sweet dreams.

The Bedtime Bliss Starter Pack contains a 15 mL bottle of Lavender Peace™, dōTERRA Balance®, Cedarwood, Vetiver, a 10 mL bottle of dōTERRA Touch® Peace and Fractionated Coconut Oil so you can drift off in peace!

This wellness box includes an introductory pack to essential oils and access yearly for wholesale oils. You will also be invited to join on-going essential oils support by our team and Retreat Life.




5 simple ways to use and support yourself;

  • Add to a carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil etc ) then massage into your skin
  • Place a drop in the palm of your hands and inhale then rub on your body where you need it ~ heart, neck, under feet, belly
  • Make your own personal products like roller or spray to use on your pillow & face
  • Add to your bath before bed and make a soothing body scrub
  • Use in your diffuser at home or work.


  • Balance® : The warm, woody aroma of dōTERRA Balance Grounding Blend creates a refreshing environment. We perfectly blend Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil to offer an enticing fragrance that creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Spruce, one of the oils in dōTERRA Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body.
  • Lavender Peace™  Restful Blend has a calming and relaxing aroma that provides a unique user experience. This perfectly balanced blend includes essential oils renowned for their soothing and calming properties. Cedarwood, Ho Wood and Vetiver essential oils give Lavender Peace a grounding and soothing aroma for a relaxing environment.
  • Cedarwood
  • Vetiver
  • Peace (Touch)
  • Fractionated Coconut oil
  • Yearly membership for wholesale oils and essential oils support by Retreat Life


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