Retreat Immersion ‘Vitality’ Box


Join us together with our wellness product partners and your guide Claudia from Precious Breath Lifestyle this Spring, for a lifestyle immersion themed on ‘vitality and well-being’.

Your Retreat Immersion Box includes full sized, lifestyle products and taster experiences, around this boxes theme.
PLUS you will enjoy many digital and e-experiences to inspire and support you, and your  retreat e-guide with your wellness resources link these together in a user-friendly guide.

And so much more.. see below your full description on whats included.


Its a time to reconnect to our inner vitality and shine this out to where its needed most. When we are feeling our own personal strength and empowerment from within, our awareness and ability to cope with our own inner feelings, emotions, mind, body, authentic self is better prepared; we then have enough to share more with the world around us, and the more nourished we are, the more we can give back and shine.

With what we have faced globally in 2020 , the difference we can make is in our everyday choices, our attitude, be kinder on ourselves, to others and we can radiate that positivity into our loved ones and local community. We can't change the world but we can still make differences to whats in front of us, around us, it starts within us.

Below are your inclusions in the Retreat Immersion Box with guided experiences, resources and quality products that you can use to create positive change, bring joy, nourishment and vitality to your everyday.

We would love you to come retreat with us ...


Retreat Box Products

  • Bare Berries Blend (100 grm)  by Bare Blends, Byron Bay
  • Vitality boost with your coconut 'smoothie' cup ~ by Coconut Bowls, Byron Bay
  • Bamboo Strawer + cleaner
  • 5 day cleanse & revitalise:  'Inner Peace' and  'Vital Force' superfood blends (2 x 28grm) ~ by Edible Gratitude
  • Organic, naturopathic herbal teas 'Detox' and 'Glow' blends ~ by Clean Tea, Byron Bay
  • High vibrational, artisan chocolate treat ~ by Loco Love, Byron Bay
  • Our favourite Australian wellness magazine 'Breathe'

Experiences and Resources 

  • 2 x guided yoga + meditation sessions  - with Claudia,  Precious Breath lifestyle
  • Smoothie Bowl e-recipe book ~ (latest edition) by Coconut Bowls, Byron Bay
  • 30 day challenge e-guide, one thing a day to improve your life ~ by Edible Gratitude
  • Retreat Immersion e-guide with all your box resources, further product information, recipes,  wellness and more
  • Exclusive Retreat Life Guest List for private wellness events, free classes, wellness inspirations, special offers and much more.

Come join us on this 'feel-good' Retreat immersion.

So much value ... are you in ?

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

With gratitude,
Your Retreat Hosts ~ Kaylie & Claudia


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